Monday, September 20, 2010

Pre-Chuseok Mental Preparation

It's been a while. Too long I'd say.

I got up to some really exciting things this weekend friends:

Saturday was perhaps the most beautiful day I had seen... in my life. SO just after booking my impromptu trip to Hong Kong (which begins tomorrow...?), it was spent in Olympic Park at a Chuseok cultural festival where friends and I consumed everything as relevant as pajeon and makgeolli to everything as irrelevant as samosas and chicken curry. Digestion took place lying on the grass, in the sun, putting off thinking about writing reports for work and marveling at the impossibility of the amount of cuteness Korean babies are endowed with. The cuteness is definitely all of it combined, the entire package that the baby offers just by existing. But we decided that the culmination of their cuteness lies in the depths of their enormous cheeks. Which for some reason turn you into a cannibal (right? How many times have you heard "gah I'm gonna eat you!"... a million if you hang out with me).
Afterward, naturally, there was the usual: delicious dinner followed by good drinks in Hongdae followed by (luxury!... only the best.) norae banging (private karaoke rooms) followed by dancing off our booties as much as our tired bodies could muster around 3:00am-4:30am.

Today (well, Sunday-so technically yesterday) was a rainy day and so that meant that I had to eat many mandu(s?). I'm pretty sure I washed my entire wardrobe today and although the laundry drying machines here are immensely efficient (see: non-existent), I decided to hang-dry everything. And so I literally have clothes hanging from every possible inch of my apartment, including the ceiling light. I wish I could take a picture... oh wait, I just did. With the new camera I bought this evening. (ASSAH!) What's that you ask? Does it record video in HD? But how did you know? Do I sense the first rumblings of a vlogger emerging from it's vlogger-incubating womb ?
What am I even talking about anymore?

Point is: I got a camera. A pretty shnazzy one too. And for a really sweet price (Shout out to ma' boi Yongsan-Digital-Super-Department-Store and an actually shout out to my amazing friend Lindsay for helping me SO much with anything that goes beyond 저는영어선생닝이에요. [Such as the acquisition of Shinee's 'Lucifer' as my ringtone on the cellphone that she ALSO helped me acquire in my quest to call people with something that doesn't encase its battery with scotch tape]). What this means for you is a more enjoyable reading experience and VIDEO updates. That's right people. I've decided to join the big scary world of youtubers sooo wish me luck!

Tomorrow (well, in 6 hours) I'll be donning my hanbok at school and teaching the children about Chuseok, a holiday that they the definitely are more informed on than I am (but don't worry, I've done my research: and you better BELIEVE I'll be taking pictures. Who could pass up a photo op wherein he or she will be looking totes ferosh amidst more than necessary swathes of colourful fabric? The answer is no one.

OK goodnight!

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