Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Push and Pull

Ok I'm never going to write about the intention of posting more often again. Instead I'm going to use reverse psychology and just tell myself I might post tomorrow or I might let 4 months go by again and either option is perfectly fine. For now, I do really want to keep this blog alive so we'll see...

My time in Asia has been amazing, varied, surprising, frustrating, enjoyable, dislikable, delicious, hot, cold, beautiful, dreary, draining, energizing: I suppose it's been life - no? A bit of the the ying and and a bit of the yang... I haven't really mentioned anything about daily life in Seoul and that might change (remember, no intention setting!) but of course I've done an insane amount of stuff here, tried a ridiculous amount of new things and adhered to some good and some bad habits from home. I feel as though I'm both the same and a completely different person I was over 6 months ago when I departed from Toronto.

I know that 'Part 2' never came and who knows if it will! But I think it goes without saying that I obviously found a job here (a pretty decent one... in some respects...) in what is--in my opinion--an amazing part of Seoul: I'm on the doorstep of the Peace Gate, which is the entry to the stunning Olympic Park. I really have so much to share with you that I feel completely overwhelmed but I wanted to write. It's been a while (clearly) and although my track record would imply otherwise, I actually adore writing on (in?) here.

This really is a quick update because I really must go eat sushi now... but I hope it finds you well and I just want to say that you can expect many or no posts in the coming weeks!

Signing off,

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