Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday in two words? Full; hectic.

6am - wake up, work out
9am-6pm - teach children English/become human jungle gym
6pm-7pm - Travel to Korean class (which actually starts at 6:30 and for which, I must be late every Monday)
7-9:30pm - Sit in Korean (still didn't really learn anything I didn't already know today -_-;; hullll)
9:30-10:30pm - Sit in a noodle house and eat wonderful 만두국 (mandu guk - an Asian dumpling soup) as I finish my homework.
10:30-11pm - Subway
11:00-11:20pm - Walk home from station
11:30 - Type to you... my millions of devoted fans.

I swear, pictures will come soon. I just need to buy a camera first.
(You can totally donate to that cause)

adios amigos.

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